WE at The National know how innovative and determined Yes groups are around the country but we have to say we were gobsmacked by the extraordinary efforts of Aye Aberdeen at the weekend.

With a 100 foot long banner stating Scots Tories Have Sold Scotland Out – Vote Them Out, Jack Elphinstone and his colleagues from Aye Aberdeen embarked on an epic 500 mile tour of all 13 Tory-held Westminster seats in Scotland. From Stirling to Galashiels, from Gretna to Glenfinnan via many points in between, the tour saw the banner displayed on landmarks and in high streets across the land, sending the message to voters that whatever party you support, don’t vote for the Conservatives given their record on issues affecting Scotland. Called the #unluckyforsome500 tour, the group said on Facebook they were “highlighting how the #ScotsToriesHaveSoldOutScotland to a hard Brexit subject to a trade deal yet to be agreed by Boris & Trump”.

The National:

Even punctures and yellow weather warnings couldn’t get in the way of the banner carriers. They said: “Our key messages are the #ScotsToriesHaveSoldScotlandOut by backing Brexit against the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

“If re-elected they will hand Boris Johnson a blank cheque for a cold, hard Brexit and other damaging right-wing policies over the next five years.

“#VoteThemOut to stop the Tories leaving the world’s largest trading bloc, handing the future of the NHS to Donald Trump, as they beg for a trade deal that will delight Farage and line the pockets of the elite at the expense of the vast majority of the population.

“Keep #ScotlandsFutureIn ScotlandsHands by making your vote count in #GE2019 on December the 12th.”

The group said their message originated in Aberdeen South, inspired by the downfall of Ross Thomson, the Conservative MP who had to stand down as a candidate after allegations of sexual misconduct.

Aye Aberdeen are not finished for this month as they are celebrating St Andrew’s Day with an event in the Sportsman’s Club at 14 Queens Road from 7.30pm to 1am.

They told us: “Come and join Aye Aberdeen on the evening of Saturday 30th November as we gather to celebrate St Andrews Day.

“There will be a buffet, raffle and music with a Scottish theme.

“We have invited special guest The Silent Clansman, who will break his silence and share some experiences of his modern-day quest for Scottish independence.”

Tickets priced £5 are available from the Eventbrite website.