STUDENTS from across Scotland’s colleges and universities have called for an “urgent end” to the Universal Credit policy in an open letter to the UK Government.

For students receiving Universal Credit, for every £1 in support received the same amount is deducted from their monthly payments. According to the National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland, this has resulted in some students losing more than £250 in welfare, leaving them “destitute and desperate”.

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In the letter, signed by more than 28 Scots student presidents, NUS Scotland president Liam McCabe urged election candidates to stand up to the policy.

He said: “The UK Government should hang their head in shame for the disastrous roll-out of their failed policy, leaving students desperate and destitute.

“NUS Scotland are calling on the next UK Government, of whatever party, to work with the Scottish Government to ensure Universal Credit and student support in Scotland don’t negatively interact.”