TODAY our organisations will be protesting in opposition to Scottish Enterprise’s funding of arms companies. UK-made fighter jets, missiles and bombs have played a central role in the Saudi Arabian-led bombing of Yemen. The war has killed thousands of people and created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Many of the weapons that are being used by Saudi forces were made by companies that have offices and factories here in Scotland.

In Westminster, the SNP has taken an admirable stance against UK complicity in the war, yet the Scottish Government has handed out millions of pounds of public money to these companies. This money stands to benefit very profitable companies that have actively fuelled war, conflict and instability around the world.

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We believe there are far better ways that this money could be spent. There is a crisis of homelessness in Scotland, and public services are being squeezed.

We call on the Scottish Government to set a very welcome and positive precedent by ending this political and institutional support for the arms industry, and instead using that money to support ethical businesses and provide support for homeless and vulnerable people across Scotland.

We urge all National readers to join our protest outside the Scottish Enterprise offices on Waterloo Street, Glasgow, at 11am. Together, we can send a clear and unambiguous message that public money should be used for the public good. It should not be used to provide funding for companies that are profiting from war and destruction around the world.

The Scottish Peace Network, Campaign Against Arms Trade, CND Scotland, Industrial Workers of the World, Medact, Spirit of Revolt, Glasgow Quakers, Dove Tales, University of Glasgow Divestment Committee, Scottish Tenants Organisation, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre

YOUR correspondent Kirsty Strickland, in her article on Richard Leonard (Embarrassment from Leonard ... yet again, November 22), rightly exposes his ignorance of the facts concerning the NHS in Scotland. But why does she include taking the Lord’s’s name in vain in her article? It adds nothing to her criticism of Richard Leonard. And it clearly breaches the third commandment: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: For the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain”.

Harley J Cameron
Beauly, Inverness-shire

I ENJOY reading Kirsty Strickland’s column but found her superfluous use of “Christ” in Friday’s column offensive.

I know that many people use “Christ” in their day-to-day language, many when calling to the Lord Jesus for support but many more as a curse or swear word. Kirsty clearly used it as a curse, accepted by the editor, joining in a growing trend in the media which is very disturbing.

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What I don’t understand is why much of the media finds it acceptable to offend Christians in this way but not other religions. Could it be because we are quiet, gentle, forgiving and inoffensive and seen as an easy target? Please Kirsty (and editor), think again about using “Christ” as a curse.

Dave Thompson

ALTHOUGH I have never written in to the letters section, I am a SNP member and subscriber to The National. In this day of Trump, Johnson and fake news this paper is a beam of light and hope, and if I had a wish I would say that it should be available free from every available outlet. I and many others would still donate to its running cost, as well as extra revenue from adverts. In this dangerous time we live in, ill-informed people are more easily led.

John Kennedy
Sales Director, Ross Business Interiors Ltd

BELATED birthday wishes. Words can’t express how good it is to have The National for company each day. It’s like belonging to a big family. We don’t always agree on everything but we’ve all got the same goal. More power to your elbow!

Catriona Grigg

THE National has been a Godsend, providing a wealth of information, insightful commentary and wit. The quality of the articles by regular contributors has been outstanding. I am hopelessly addicted. Many thanks.

James Stevenson

A BYDE amused by the archetypical “ I feel positively naked without my Times!” A daurna reciprocate as the cauld win blaws, but the lowe an steir frae The National cocks ma bunnet an lichtens ma wellies.

Reid Moffat
via email