LIBDEM leader Jo Swinson’s voting record caught up with her on last night’s Question Time after an audience member confronted her on the Tory coalition.

The audience member asked: “Do you regret voting consistently with the Conservatives in favour of harsh and uncaring benefit cuts?”

Swinson then responded: “I absolutely recognise the issue that you’re raising and the bottom line is that there are far, far too many people in our country living in poverty and life is too hard.

“We got stuff wrong and we in the future, going forward, are determined to get it right”

Question Time host Fiona Bruce butted in to remind the audience of Swinson’s voting record.

She said: “So shall we just look at your voting record? In government you voted for the bedroom tax, you frequently voted against raising benefits and frequently voted against paying higher benefits to people with illnesses or disabilities.”

A visibly flustered Swinson responded saying: “We also had plenty of fights with the conservatives and I am sorry we didn’t win more of those fights in coalition.”

When asked if she was satisfied with Swinson’s response, the audience member replied: “Not at all, not in the slightest bit, you are still going to keep the Universal Credit which everybody knows is not working at all.”

She also reminded Swinson that voters lost their trust in the LibDems after what happened in Sheffield when the LibDems went into coalition with the Conservatives.