IT’S the day my husband Jim and I go to polling station. We’re excited, having spent the night before hanging Saltire bunting outdoors, with our flag tied onto washing line. We are so full of hope. Next morning I learn the result, I can’t stop crying, I feel hopelessness setting in. Jim took down the bunting in the early hours so as not to upset me further.

Then I hear about this new newspaper coming out, we wait to see what it’s like. It’s my voice I read, my fellow Yessers haven’t dispersed, they are still there. I have had The National delivered since day one.

You are still true to the concept that we could be independent. I will defend The National to everyone because, as I tell people, the paper is not a mouthpiece for a political party. The National will print the good and the bad, which makes them truly unique. I like their honesty, unlike elsewhere.

The National has given us a voice, a place were patriots can come together.

Thanking you all so very much.
Isabella and Jim Main
Saor Alba gu brath

FINDING the second issue at the local newsagents was a truly eureka moment. It meant that, at long last, those of us who were of an “independence mind” could have a voice. As one from an earlier generation I still do not have any connection with social media except for that relayed to me by the younger generations of the family, so had not been aware that a new title was about to appear. I’ve bought every issue since!

Having found you, I have been very lucky to have my “two-pennyworth” printed a lot times in your pages, which would certainly not have happened with any of the other daily publications available to us here in Scotland.

When one considers where the independence vote peaked in 2014 without any press support, just think where it will reach with the support of The National next time round.

Beyond politics you have brought to all of us a huge amount of excellent historical material which we ordinary members of Scottish society would not otherwise have accessed; the profile of the Scottish composer from Victorian times, Hamish MacCunn being just one example. Lang May Yer Lum Reek – it would be a gey dreich day without you!
George M Mitchell

THE National is the first and only daily newspaper I have ever had delivered. Here’s to you!
Jan Cowan
via email

I HAVE not missed an issue of The National since it started. Not only that, I absolutely refuse to buy any other paper including my own local papers as they continue to fail to represent the independence views of the majority of their readers. In addition, they do not call out politicians for their lying. I will soon become a subscriber to help you reach the ten thousand steps target.
Steve Cunningham

In a sea of mainstream media mediocrity The National stands out as a newspaper with real journalists, those who aren’t afraid to ask questions and demand answers. By openly supporting Scottish independence The National helps to show that independence is normal and that Scotland has nothing to fear from being an independent nation, making its own decisions about its future. Keep up the good work.
Councillor Kenny MacLaren

Imagine when we had no choice

We had no friend to hear our voice

No vehicle for communication

For us that yearned to free our nation

Those silent wishes found no redress.

Ignored by Scotland’s Unionist press

Then came The National... such relief

No more were we lions without teeth

You have helped us in our fine crusade

Stood by our side, came to our aid.

The National, our shining knight

Has brought our aims so close in sight

Thank you, thank you, there is no doubt

You are our water, ended the drought.

No desert now, no unheard voices

You are a gift and a nation rejoices.

George Robertson


I tried writing seriously about what The National means to me but it was awful so I penned this wee ditty instead:

Happy fifth Birthday National

You’re becoming awfy fashionable

As Boris maddens more and more

And brings independence to the fore

Hamish’s column is always great

Scot’s history we should celebrate

And the page in Scots makes me glad

Reaching out to both lass and lad

All in all a great wee paper

I’d hate for it to go up in vapour

But it’ll be around for years and years

Now go have yourselves a few beers!

Kathleen Byron