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TORY minister Liz Truss was caught in the headlights yesterday during an appearance on Andrew Neil's Politics Live show. 

The Secretary of State for International Trade was caught off guard by the detail of the questions and was left to cobble together answers on the spot. 

Here are The Jouker's top three moments:

1. Social Care

Truss was left looking foolish after Andrew Neil simplified the Conservative Party's social care policies – by reminding her that after nine years, they still didn't exist.

Of course, people in the UK who have been waiting nine long years for these policies will be pleased to know that when it does come, it won't be politicised. She said: “It’s not something we want to rush into, it’s not something we want to politicise”

2. International Trade

Truss also stumbled through a grilling about international trade deals and especially, the risk to the UK's drug prices resulting from a deal with the US. She made it absolutely clear that if we didn't get a deal we liked from one country, we'd walk away to another. She was very quick, in fact, to rule out the US, Japan, and Australia. 

Perhaps if Neil asked the question 194 times – once for each country – he would have eventually made his point. 

3. Council Housing

One of the best moments for viewers was when they saw Truss completely stumped over council housing figures. Starting confidently, she made the bold claim that the Tories had beat the last Labour government. She said that the Tories had built a "significant number" of council houses last year but that number was revealed to be 2640 – just 0.26% of the one million houses actually needed.

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