JO Swinson was forced to acknowledge the true results of LibDem austerity after an attempt to campaign in Glasgow

The LibDem leader was surrounded by cameras in front of her campaign bus when she was challenged on her views by a passing Scottish student.

Jay Sutherland, a Strathclyde University student, approached her saying: "I want to talk to you about your record on austerity, I think it is unforgivable what you've done to Glasgow.

"Cities like this, people are dying in poverty because of what you've done on austerity. I know people who have suffered so much and it breaks my heart.

"People are dying because of austerity. Do you know that? The LibDems enabled that"

Swinson was also made to face the fact that "in England, the LibDems traded students in" and was told, "I don't think people will ever forgive you for that".

Willie Rennie, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats was also quick to shoot down the questions, and in doing so interrupted Swinson's responses.

Rennie took on a patronising approach asking "What do you think of Brexit" and "What about the climate emergency" to steer into more comfortable topics for the LibDems.

Before the LibDem leaders retreated, Sutherland told them: "It's sad to see you up in Glasgow, the city that has been hit hardest by austerity in Scotland."

Sutherland tweeted earlier today: "Today I confronted @joswinson in Glasgow - how ironic that’s she’s in one of the cities that is most affected by austerity that she enabled. I know many people who are suffering from what the Lib Dem’s done while in coalition with the tories. #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019"

Speaking after the exchange, Rennie welcomed the challenge but said his party does not have a problem attracting young voters.

He said: "He seemed pretty knowledgeable and it's good that we have that conversation.

"I don't get that from most young people but it's good that Jay has strong views.

"You'll notice that we welcomed him in, we treated him with respect, we listened to what he had to say, he had a good minute or two with Jo."

Sutherland told The National that Rennie's comments were "completely untrue".

He added: "He actually moved away so quickly and when I brought up my own lived experiences of austerity all Jo and Willie did was laugh and try to move onto Brexit – hardly engaging.

"He actually said 'you’ve said your bit' and then moved Jo away."