NICOLA Sturgeon will today warn that Westminster is set to be “engulfed by Brexit chaos for years to come”, underlining the urgent need for Scotland to be able to choose a better future with independence.

In a keynote election speech in Dundee, the First Minister will say that progress made in recent years in terms of investment across the country in key public services like the NHS is now at risk at the hands of the Tories.

Boris Johnson wants to complete a trade deal with the EU within the coming months allowing the UK to move onto the new arrangement by the end of 2020 when the transition period is over without extending that arrangement – something he has vowed not to do.

However, many observers believe it is not enough time to get an agreement, opening up the prospect of Britain leaving without a deal.

Some EU figures – including Irish Senator Neale Richmond – have suggested the process of securing a deal could take many years.

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And earlier this week the EU’s new director general for trade Sabine Weyand said Johnson’s Brexit plans would leave only two options – a “bare bones” deal or a devastating No-Deal crash-out.

“I doubt there is anyone in Scotland who is not heartily sick of Brexit and the chaos we’ve seen played out at Westminster night after night,” Sturgeon is expected to say.

“But the Westminster parties have barely got going. The hard-line approach of Boris Johnson means there is every chance Scotland will be forced out of the EU next year with no trade deal. Leaving in that way will be an economic disaster. But any Brexit will hit jobs, living standards and the NHS.”

She is expected to add: “The truth is Westminster is going to be engulfed by Brexit chaos for years to come – with long-term damage to Scotland guaranteed. And at this election it has become clear that Westminster control means multiple threats to our NHS and to public services in Scotland. A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit. And to escape these threats to our public services.”

The PM yesterday insisted the chances of Britain breaking away from the EU at the end of 2020 without a trade deal in place are “absolutely zero”.

Ahead of his first televised debate of the election campaign with Jeremy Corbyn, the PM expressed confidence a re-elected Tory government would negotiate a trade agreement within 11 months of Britain leaving the EU.

Under his plans Johnson would re-introduce his Withdrawal Agreement in the Commons with a view to delivering Brexit by January 31. Speaking during a campaign visit to a boxing gym near Manchester, he was adamant there was no prospect of leaving the EU at the end of 2020 without a trade agreement. Asked about the risk, he said: “I think they’re absolutely zero.”

He added: “People said I couldn’t get a deal with the EU in the three months we had available and they said we couldn’t reopen the Withdrawal Agreement and that Brussels would never agree, and all this sort of stuff, and look what we did. We got a fantastic deal, it’s ready to go ... it is supported by every single one of the 635 Conservative candidates standing at this election.”