THE National Yes Registry’s training day for the use of the IndyApp has been postponed because of the General Election.

They stated: ”Instead of going ahead with a training weekend during the final weekend of General Election campaigning, something that would doom us to very ‘limited’ attendance, we have decided to bite the bullet again and reschedule the whole thing from December 7/8 to the weekend of February 1/2nd.

“Postponing until the new year will allow everyone to concentrate on this most important of UK elections, get all party political rivalries out our systems, relax and recuperate over Christmas and properly ready ourselves for 2020. By the end of January we will all finally know what to expect from Westminster, Brexit and hopefully, the Scottish Government’s plans for indyref2020.

“Having full IndyApp training and group networking happening after the current party political landscape is finally settled (however that works out), is actually the very best we could hope for.

“Clarity on these issues should really help motivate all local Indy groups to get serious about organising together as a national campaigning force. Holding our training weekend on February 1/2nd will get that process off to a flying start.”

They added: “All bookings will be rolled over to February 1/2nd (the venue etc all remains unchanged), so please let us know if you can no longer make the new dates and we will organise full refunds.”

More details will come soon.