THE Scottish Secretary has accepted that an SNP majority at the 2021 Holyrood election would provide a "democratic mandate" for indyref2.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland this morning, Jack contradicted the Tory leader's pledge to block a second Scottish independence referendum in any circumstance and indicated an SNP majority in 2021 could trigger a fresh vote. 

The Dumfries and Galloway Tory candidate was asked about Boris Johnson's refusal to debate the First Minister ahead of the December 12 General Election.

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He said: “He’s quite right to say that he won’t debate her on the basis that she’s not a candidate to be prime minister.”

Then asked if Johnson was running scared of such a debate, Jack replied: “He’s not running scared at all. He’s made it very clear that the once in a generation decision was taken in 2014, and he’s made it very clear that  we do not support a second independence referendum. We believe that decision was taken. 

“We should take away the uncertainty, as we believe we should with Brexit, remove the uncertainty of independence, start growing the Scottish economy.”

The Scottish Secretary was then asked if the SNP winning a majority of Scotland's 59 seats at next month's election would provide a mandate to grant a Section 30 order. He replied: "No."

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When asked why not, Jack said: “Because the democratic mandate for a Section 30 order is a matter for 2021. We’ll see whether or not the Scottish National Party get a majority then.

“I mean the Scottish National Party - not in collaboration with other parties, not in any alliances - but a Scottish National Party majority, which is what Ruth Davidson pointed out some months ago.”

Earlier this summer, while she was still Scottish Tory leader, Davidson had suggested an outright SNP majority at Holyrood would be a sufficient mandate to hold indyref2.