AN “urban micro-distillery” is giving people the opportunity to own one of the first rum casks to be filled in Glasgow.

Wester Spirit Co, an independent distillery in Glasgow, will offer 100 casks in January 2020. These will be some of the first-ever casks of rum to be fully fermented, distilled and aged in the city. The money raised from the sale of the casks will be reinvested in the distillery to build the capacity and efficiency of the distillery.

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Due to the size of the distillery, Wester Spirit Co announced that a very limited number of casks will be available each year and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Its pure single rum is produced from 100% sugarcane molasses which is fermented for 10 days and twice pot distilled. The fresh spirit is then laid to rest in casks until it reaches its optimum flavour.

Once the 100 casks are sold, no more will be available for purchase until 2021. Ex-bourbon and ex-wine casks will be available in 50l and 100l sizes. Casks prices are £1200 for a 50l ex-bourbon and £2100 for 100l ex-bourbon. There is an additional charge for ex-wine casks.

Wester Spirit Co was founded in 2017 by school friends Allan Nairn and Zander Macgregor. The independent urban micro-distillery takes full control over the production process with fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling taking place on site at Meadow Road in Glasgow’s West End.