CAST members of Channel 4's Gogglebox programme have faced criticism online after appearing to make fun of Scottish accents in a recent episode.

The TV show sees members of the public give commentary on various programmes and news clips from the past week. 

During a section of election coverage, the episode focused on Nicola Sturgeon's campaign launch in Edinburgh

“Oh here we go, let’s all have a picture round a Stop Brexit sign," said Sophie Sandiford, from Blackpool.

Shortly after she mimicked part of Sturgeon's speech and said “Brexit, Brexit” while impersonating a Scottish accent. 

Her brother Pete then chipped in, and also impersonating a Scottish accent, said: “Scotland! Brexit won’t be a piece of cake pal” while screwing up his face, prompting laughter from Sophie.

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The programme then cut back to a clip of the First Minister's speech.

Another cast member, Tom Malone, from Manchester, then said: “I feel like every year to try and get more and more votes she sounds more and more Scottish.

“Have you not realised that? She ain’t used to sound that Scottish before. She was Scottish but like posh Scottish and she gets more and more Scottish every time.”

His brother Shaun then also mimicked a Scottish accent, adding: “A vote for the SNP is a vote to stop Brexit.” 

The National:

Finally, the segment cut to sisters Ellie and Izzi in Leeds. Ellie said: “You wouldn’t mess with Nicola Sturgeon either would you. Wouldn’t want to meet her in an alley on a dark night."

She then pretended to stab someone (pictured above) and, while impersonating a Scottish accent, said: "Brexit! Give us your Brexit!” 

There are no Scottish families on Gogglebox, which features contributions from more than 20 households.

Scottish comedian Limmy reacted to the episode, tweeting: "The only Scottish accent you hear on #gogglebox is when English folk are taking the piss out of it."

Twitter user @ProfJWR also added to the conversation, posting: "Surge in SNP support as Channel 4 Gogglebox families try out their Scottish accents and stabbing thrusts. They do know stabbing is now more an English favourite pastime?"

Another, @Karjon, was disappointed by the tone of the clip, saying the "anti-Scottish, anti-SNP agenda is really pretty appalling".

One New Scot reassured Scots about their accents, posting: "I love all of the Scottish accents, including the ones that are a mixture influenced by the many different cultures who made Scotland their home."

The full episode is available on the Channel 4 website.