LABOUR campaign materials putting SNP support at just 3% were delivered to homes in Inverclyde - a seat Nicola Sturgeon's party has held since 2015.

The flyer shows a graph which puts the Tories on 42.4%, Labour on 40%, the LibDems on 7.4% and the SNP on 3% beside text reading: "Only Labour is strong enough to beat the Tories."

Beneath the graph, "2017 UK election result" is in small text.

At the 2017 General Election the result in the seat was a win for the SNP's Ronnie Cowan, who received 38.5% of the vote, while Labour came second with 37.5% and the Tories came third with 21.5%. The LibDems were in fourth place with just 2.5% of the vote.

The National:

The reader who sent in the image accused Labour of "treating voters like idiots" and compared the flyer to the LibDem graph which caused controversy earlier in the election campaign.

Jo Swinson's party had put out a graphic showing them dominating Labour by a large margin, while tiny text at the bottom read: "Survation polled 405 respondents aged 18+ living in NE Somerset with the question: 'Imagine that the result in your constituency was expected to be very close between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidate, and none of the other parties were competitive. In this scenario, which party would you vote for?'"

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Speaking to Sophie Ridge on Ridge on Sunday, Swinson defended the image by claiming "politics has changed significantly since the 2017 election", and justifying the graph by pointing to increased support for the Liberal Democrats elsewhere.

Labour and the SNP have been approached for comment.