The National:

SCOTLAND'S only Brexit Party MEP has claimed Boris Johnson is untrustworthy in a series of posts on Twitter. 

Louis Stedman-Bryce was standing to become an MP in the Glasgow North East constituency but yesterday stepped down following his party leader Nigel Farage's decision not to put candidates in any of the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in 2017.

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This would ensure the pro-Brexit vote was not split between the two parties. 

But Stedman-Bryce said he was not convinced Johnson would deliver the kind of Brexit he supported, and would instead implement a "devastating" deal.

Following his announcement, he wrote a series of tweets explaining exactly why voters shouldn't trust the Prime Minister.

The first reason was because he had been sacked from The Times after fabricating a quote from a family member.

The second was that he had U-turned on whether he would nominate a new EU commissioner.

The third reason revolved around the former London mayor's position on fisheries.

Number four detailed another sacking of Johnson's - this time from the Tory front bench.

And finally number five focused on Johnson's pledge that he wouldn't pursue politics, which he broke just two years after stating.

Perhaps Stedman-Bryce could carry out a similar thread on his own boss?

I'm sure there would be plenty of examples.