What’s it called?

The Horror Of Dolores Roach

What’s it about?

The titular Dolores, who as this scripted podcast opens has just been released from a 16-year stretch in prison for selling marijuana and returns to her previous home in New York’s Washington Heights only to find her boyfriend long gone and the neighbourhood gentrified beyond recognition. Well, almost beyond recognition: one survivor among the new juice bars and hipster coffee joints is Empanada Loca, a greasy spoon diner specialising in (what else?) empanadas and at one time a regular haunt of hers. Also still in place is its owner, Luis, an old friend from Dolores’s stoner days. With only $200 to her name she needs a job and a home and Luis helps out with both, though Dolores soon finds some unusual ways to make money. Not for nothing has the podcast been called “a contemporary Sweeney Todd story” by writer Aaron Mark.

Who’s in it?

Dolores is played by Daphne Rubin-Vega and it’s adapted by Aaron Mark from her 2015 one-woman play. The role of Luis is taken by Bobby Cannavale, better known for his roles in Will & Grace, Mr Robot and Boardwalk Empire.

What’s so good about it?

The profanity-laced dialogue is absolutely cracking and as the title suggests it’s genuinely creepy. But as with all the best horror there’s a healthy dose of social commentary in there too.

Fun fact …

The Horror Of Dolores Roach is the latest podcast to be picked up for a television remake, this time by the makers of big screen horror hit The Purge.

For fans of ...

Sweeney Todd, Cannibal: The Musical, Celebrity Masterchef