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THE LibDems aren't renowned for their self awareness.

While Jo Swinson has been busy fantasising about becoming prime minister, a campaign leaflet for the party's Sue Wixley is claiming she won the Nobel Peace Prize. 

It would be an impressive achievement for the Putney candidate if it was true. 

In the flyer, Wixley proudly states she “led the campaign to ban landmines in South Africa, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”.

The National:

Photograph: Guido Fawkes

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Not only did Wixley not win the prize, the campaign to ban landmines in South Africa didn't either. 

The 1997 peace prize was split between Jody Williams and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. 

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines was itself made up of multiple national campaigns, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and South Africa – the latter of which Wixley co-founded whilst working for Oxfam in Johannesburg.

It comes just days after Swinson misspelled East Dunbartonshire, her constituency, in a General Election campaign leaflet.