THE Scottish Greens have now bowed out of the election in three of Scotland’s most marginal seats.

The party came under pressure after announcing plans to stand in Perth and North Perthshire, where the SNP’s Pete Wishart is defending a majority of just 21 against the Tories.

Over the weekend local Greens said for a “number of reasons” they wouldn’t stand. The Tories called them “cowardly”.

In North East Fife, Scottish Greens have offered to help campaign for the SNP’s Stephen Gethins who has a majority of just two. LibDem candidate Wendy Chamberlain said it would be a boost for her campaign.

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And the Dundee and Angus association of the Scottish Greens has said it will focus on ousting Angus MP Kirstene Hair, who the party says “has a voting record that stands against everything we are for”.

Yesterday, Wishart told The Courier he was “incredibly grateful” for the Scottish Greens’ decision, adding: “Many voters who support Scottish independence vote Green and I am hoping I can count now on their vote. I hope I can demonstrate to them I am worthy of that vote at Westminster by campaigning for environmental issues on their behalf as an SNP MP.”

A Scottish Tory spokesperson said the Greens were “terrified of upsetting their paymasters”, stating: “The SNP have repeatedly played Patrick Harvie and it is getting embarrassing to watch.”

However, a spokesperson for the Scottish Greens said it would hold Wishart to account for his “oil-industry lobbying”. They went on: “This decision was up to the local branch in Perthshire, who for a number of reasons locally opted not to stand this time.

“Given his record of lobbying for the oil industry, Scottish Greens will demand climate action and hold Pete Wishart to account on his promise to push a green agenda.”