NICOLA Sturgeon has said the UK must match Scotland’s ambitions to tackle the climate crisis as the SNP calls for radical measures to be adopted by the next UK Government.

As well as keeping the climate crisis on the agenda, the SNP will push for key actions, including demanding the UK meet Scotland’s target of net zero emissions by 2045.

The party will also push for plans to be brought forward to move to electric vehicles. This includes calling for new tax incentives to support the transition to electric or no carbon vehicles – such as reducing or removing VAT on electric cars or bicycles.

The SNP will also urge the UK Government to accelerate the deployment of fully operational carbon capture utilisation and storage facilities. It will push for a Green Energy Deal to ensure renewable energy schemes get the long-term certainty needed to support investment.

Sturgeon said: “Climate change is the single biggest challenge facing the world – and the next UK government has to take radical action.

“We will force an early vote to take the radical steps needed – and challenge any party to justify inaction in the face of the global climate crisis.

Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said both governments “are in denial about the urgency and timescale required.”

“This pitch for Green votes from Nicola Sturgeon is embarrassing. Ambition is about more than targets. She is calling for ‘radical’ solutions, but her list of suggestions rely on technology that is either undeveloped or unaffordable for ordinary people.”