MY partner Grant was diagnosed with epilepsy around four years ago when he was just 19 years old – this diagnosis dramatically changed his life overnight. Epilepsy Scotland has been so supportive from day one, providing us with information leaflets, online advice and seizure warning cards. It was always really good to know, if we were ever unsure of something, that Epilepsy Scotland would be at the other side of the phone.

Seeing how amazing the team are at Epilepsy Scotland inspired me to become more involved. My journey as a volunteer all started in September 2018 when I took the plunge to take part in a zip slide across the Clyde in Glasgow to raise funds for the charity. After completing this, I stayed in contact with the fundraising team at Epilepsy Scotland, so when they advertised for volunteers in the new year, I knew this was perfect for me.

I have never volunteered before this. I now love volunteering. I think the most rewarding thing is being able to give a little something back to such a wonderful charity and spreading awareness of the reality of epilepsy.

I am so proud when I get the chance to tell people that I am a volunteer for Epilepsy Scotland. My favourite saying is “epilepsy is more than just a seizure”, which is something I will always post when raising funds.

One thing I have recently achieved is requesting a new announcement implemented ahead of Celtic FC’s light show, which is a frequency of lights ahead of evening football matches. This new announcement is particularly beneficial for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

It will provide a heads-up to supporters and visitors to Parkhead and gives the individual the chance to take appropriate action if they feel they would be affected.

I was delighted when the club replied to me confirming they would do this. It really shows their efforts to keep supporters safe.

Being a volunteer is not always about being out in the community. I regularly volunteer in the Glasgow office helping with gift aid, counting money, stock checking and ensuring we have enough products for events. Going into the office regularly has allowed me to build great relationships with the team members. Also, I have baked cakes for the charities annual Ladies Lunch and for bake sales.

Epilepsy Scotland is always on the lookout for new volunteers, even if you can spare an hour or two weekly or monthly, they would love to hear from you. I recommend volunteering to everyone I meet. If you are interested contact the fundraising team at

I am also taking part in a Firewalk on January 25, 2020. You can read my story and donate by clicking this link.