THE SNP are on course for a comfortable win at next month’s election, with a new poll from YouGov putting Nicola Sturgeon’s party on 42%, up from 37% in 2017.

The survey will make grim reading for Richard Leonard, predicting a collapse in Labour’s support from 27% to just 12%. That puts them in fourth place, behind the Lib Dems and on course for their worst result in 100 years.

The Tories have also lost votes, down seven points to 22%, while the LibDems are on 13%, up five points.

According to the Electoral Calculus website that would give Nicola Sturgeon's SNP 50 seats, the Tories 3, the LibDems 5 and Labour just 1.

The Greens, who took just 4% in the poll, would be left empty handed.

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