MORE than one million Facebook users have seen the SNP’s “people-powered” digital campaign over just seven days, the party has revealed.

The total audience reached is the equivalent of around one-fifth of the population of Scotland thanks to users sharing the material placed online by the Edinburgh-based party, which does not include paid-for adverts.

Analysis, which is publicly available on the platform, also shows that the SNP’s social media presence is the strongest of Remain parties, surpassing the LibDems in terms of Facebook page following, engagement and reach of posts.

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David Linden, who is seeking reelection in the Glasgow East constituency, said: “While the tired old Westminster establishment parties have been forced to spend big money on targeted advertising in order to reach voters, the SNP’s election campaign is overwhelmingly people-powered – with activists in communities right across Scotland sharing our positive message with their friends, family and followers.

“As the analysis shows, the SNP is by far the strongest Remain voice online across the UK.

“People in Scotland know only a vote for the SNP can enable Scotland to escape Brexit, lock the Tories out of government, and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands, not Boris Johnson’s.

“Unlike the Westminster parties, the SNP doesn’t need to splash out huge amounts of money to boost our pro-European and social democratic credentials to people in Scotland. People know it is the SNP that stands with them in protecting our place in Europe and delivering a fairer and more equal society.”