BORIS Johnson has said 2020 shouldn't be the "year of two referendums" after the First Minister told voters the SNP winning the General Election in Scotland would make indyref2 "irresistible". 

Speaking outside Downing Street earlier today, the Prime Minister also rejected Labour's plan for a confirmatory Brexit referendum, saying: "If I come back here with a working majority in Parliament, then I will get Parliament working again for you.

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"On day one of the new Parliament in December, we will start getting our deal through so we can get Brexit done in January and unleash this country's potential.

"We'll put uncertainty behind us. Families and business will be able to plan.

"Let's make 2020 the year of investment and growth, not the year of two referendums."

His words came after he met with the Queen to formally dissolve Parliament and mark the formal start to campaigning before the December 12 vote.

But Sturgeon (below), who was campaigning in Alloa this morning, said: "It is my intention to have a referendum next year.

The National:

"On this question of will Westminster allow it or not, we are at the start of an election campaign - this is an opportunity for the people in Scotland to have their say and make their views known.

"If the SNP win this election, I think that demand becomes irresistible."

Sturgeon suggested Labour is already "pretty much conceding" it could not stand in the way of a second independence vote, and added: "I suspect it won't be too much longer until we see the Tories struggle to maintain that argument as well.

"This idea that for self-interest reasons Westminster politicians can stand in the way of people in Scotland choosing their own future, we already see that start to crumble.'"