THE First Minister has criticised Sky’s decision to omit the SNP from a live televised General Election debate.

Nicola Sturgeon said that the broadcaster’s decision “defies democracy” when questioned by Kay Burley on Sky News this morning.

Sky announced plans for a programme with Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson on November 28.

So far, only the LibDem chief has agreed to take part.

Sturgeon also told TV news outlets and other party leaders to “stop running scared”.

Last week, ITV said they would host a head-to-head between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

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Asked by Burley if she was “cross”, the First Minister replied: “I don’t want to personalise it, but I think all broadcasters really need to consider whether they’re reflecting politics as it is or as they’d like it to be.

“The SNP is the biggest party in Scotland, the biggest party in government in Scotland, the third biggest party in the UK, we may hold the balance of power after this election.

“To exclude us from a debate is just outrageous and democratically unacceptable.”

The First Minister went on to address Sky’s decision specifically: “If I may say for Sky in particular who, to its great credit has been arguing for these decisions to be taken away from politicians, and arguing for an independent debates commission, something the SNP has supported, to take a decision on a debate that defies democracy.

“I think is particularly regrettable and I think the broadcasters have to take a long hard look at themselves, but to other party leaders, particularly to Corbyn and Johnson, what are you scared of in terms of having a real debate?

“Why are you so scared to have the SNP’s voice heard?

“To the broadcasters, reflect democracy as it is, do your jobs properly.

“And to the other party leaders, stop running scared.”

Sturgeon also answered questions about Johnson and Corbyn’s respective stances on a second independence referendum and was dismissive of the prospect of the Brexit Party posing any threat in Scotland.

Parliament will today be dissolved, marking the official start of the General Election campaign, with the UK going to the polls on December 12.