The National:

UNIONISTS are always keen to paint independence supporters as crazed nationalists who are no different to the likes of Nigel Farage or Tommy Robinson. 

Yessers can stand in front of them and calmly state that the desire for Scottish independence is firmly rooted in a positive, outward-looking politics - and the anti-EU, anti-immigration beliefs held by the likes of Boris Johnson, Priti Patel or Farage are the kind of ideas Scots are keen to get away from. 

But will they listen? No. Will they continue to paint us as nasty fanatics anyway? Of course!

Speaking at The National's #indyref2020 Rally for Independence on Saturday, the First Minister told the 20,000 people gathered in George Square: "The Scotland we seek is open, welcoming, diverse and inclusive and no Tory is ever going to be allowed to change that.

"And down that Boris Johnson path lies a future where Boris Johnson has his strings pulled by Donald Trump. Make no mistake, if we accept for our country that future, our NHS, workers’ rights, environmental standards, all of that is on the line – that is not the Scotland that we want."

Tory MSP Dean Lockhart decided to repost the video on Twitter, and added his own commentary.

"This is actually quite disturbing," he wrote. "Scottish nationalism is just the same as every other nationalism across the globe. Nasty, divisive, scapegoating of the perceived other and singling out one particular political viewpoint as not being welcome."

Uhh ... were we watching the same thing there Dean?

Exactly what about wanting to protect workers' rights, environmental standards and be welcoming and diverse is "disturbing"?

Of course the MSP was mocked on social media, with his post being retweeted 325 times but drawing 631 replies. 

One Twitter user wrote back: "If you are disturbed, it means good people are doing something right."

Another posted to say it was the Tory Party who carried out disturbing actions. 

Nice try, Dean. Better luck next time.