SKY’S decision to bar the SNP from its election debate has been branded “outrageous and unacceptable”.

The broadcaster announced plans for a programme with Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson on November 28.

So far – at the time of going to print – only the LibDem chief has agreed to take part.

The news channel only promised to “continue to provide appropriate coverage to other parties in broadcasts throughout the election period.”

The SNP reacted angrily to the news, pointing out to the channel that they and not the LibDems were the third largest party in Westminster.

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They currently have 35 MPs, while Swinson has 19 – eight of whom have defected from other parties.

Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Simply outrageous and unacceptable to exclude @theSNP – the third largest party in UK.

“What are the other parties so scared of that they won’t agree to real debate? And why are broadcasters letting down voters, especially in Scotland?“

One of her ministers even said he’d cancel his subscription.

The National:

Taking to Twitter, Paul Wheelhouse (above) told Sky: “I am long overdue to review my satellite TV package. I can see you’re showing utter disregard for the nature of politics in devolved nations by selecting only London led parties for GE debates. Unacceptable, but thank you for your contribution to my decision making process.”

It’s the second of the election debates to be announced so far. Last week ITV said they would host a head-to-head between Corbyn and Johnson.

Yesterday afternoon Swinson said she was considering legal action against the channel unless they allowed her in. She also accused them of sexism.

Speaking outside Parliament, Swinson said: “As Liberal Democrats we will take any action required to make sure that that voice of Remain is represented in those debates.

“We are taking legal advice and we will pursue legal avenues if ITV do not change their format.”

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Swinson said she is delighted to lead a party that has “50/50 men and women MPs”, adding: “And it is why we are determined that the debates that take place, the TV debates, about who will be the next prime minister of our country, cannot and should not exclude the only woman leader who is able to be the next prime minister.

“Because I stand as a candidate to be prime minister.

“And as the leader of the biggest and strongest party of Remain, it is a nonsense to suggest that these debates should go ahead, Leave versus Leave, with no voice for Remain whatsoever.

“The voice of the millions of people who voted to remain, who want to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union, must be heard in those leaders’ debates.”

The SNP’s Pete Wishart said ITV and Sky were failing to “recognise their obligations.

He said: “This election is one of the most important in Scotland’s history. For any televised debate to completely ignore the third party in the current House of Commons is disgraceful.

“This utterly unacceptable proposal from Sky News would see the Liberal Democrats front and centre but would silence the SNP, despite us having more members than the LibDems.

“People in Scotland are fed up of being ignored – by politicians in Westminster running scared of debate and by broadcasters who fail to recognise their obligations.”

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Meanwhile, in other campaign news, Willie Rennie called on “side-lined” Scottish Labour to not bother standing in the General Election.

The Scottish LibDem leader said Richard Leonard had been so repeatedly humiliated by Jeremy Corbyn over independence and Brexit that it’d be best if he and his party just sit out of next month’s vote.

Labour MP Ged Killen disagreed. “Roughly half of LibDem MPs are actually LibDems ... stick that on your next bar chat, Willie,” he tweeted.