SKY News has published its proposals for a live General Election debate featuring the leaders of the Tories, Labour and LibDems - but not the SNP

The LibDems, the fourth largest party in the Commons, secured 12 MPs at the 2017 snap election, but due to a number of Labour and Tory defections over Brexit and other issues now have 19 MPs. 

Meanwhile, the SNP are the third largest party in the House of Commons with 35 MPs and in terms of membership is the second largest in the UK. 

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Commenting on its plan for the live debate with Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Jo Swinson, the broadcaster said said they wanted to feature the leaders of the "three main UK-wide national parties".

They went on: "As there are now multiple proposals for double-headed debates, Sky News believes it is sensible to suggest an alternative approach that will allow the public to properly scrutinise a wider range of views. 

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"Sky News has promised to continue to provide appropriate coverage to other parties in broadcasts throughout the election period."

Reacting to the invitation, Swinson posted a tweet saying "I'm in".

The debate is due to take place on November 28.

Until this announcement, only ITV had set out plans for a live General Election debate.

Those proposals drew criticism from both the SNP and LibDems as it only includes a head-to-head debate with Corbyn and Johnson.