The National:

WE THOUGHT the Tory Party was all about taking "personal responsibility"?

Well it appears that's not quite the case at all following the latest stunt from Tory HQ.

A few months back, when Boris Johnson had just become PM, the Conservatives installed a Brexit countdown clock which would tick down days, hours, minutes and even seconds until the thrilling October 31 deadline. 

Of course, that was when Johnson had promised to take the UK out of the EU by that date "do or die". 

So last week when Brexit was delayed for a third time, that well-publicised countdown clock suddenly became a bit of a source of embarrassment for the Tories

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Naturally, it would be wasteful to scrap the product completely. So why not just stick some extra words up there and pull a complete U-turn on Johnson's initial strategy of being positive and optimistic and getting Brexit done.  

Now, the Tory HQ clock counts upwards from October 31 and reads: "Time since we should have left the EU if Labour, LibDems and the SNP hadn't blocked Brexit."

After all, the party of personal responsibility only cares about others taking personal responsibility. It's a different rule for them, of course.