A FORMER MEP for UKIP, who defected and joined the Brexit Party, has warned voters to avoid his own colleagues ahead of December's general election.

David Coburn, the previous leader of UKIP Scotland, tweeted on Monday morning: "I would strongly urge anyone thinking of voting @brexitparty_uk not to do so...it is a hollowed out shell with no members but supporters and no manifesto".

Coburn clarified that Farage was, in fact, the only "good thing" about the party, but asked "otherwise what are they and what do they reoresent [sic]?"

Coburn jumped from UKIP in December of last year, before switching allegiances yet again to the Brexit Party in February while holding a position as an MEP.

Farage dropped the former art dealer when choosing candidates for the last European election, replacing him with Louis Steadman-Bryce as their top candidate in Scotland.