ROSS Thomson is sensationally standing down from Parliament after a Labour MP went public with groping allegations.

Paul Sweeney claims that the Aberdeen South MP groped him in a Westminster bar.

Announcing the move on social media yesterday, Thomson claimed that “anonymous and malicious allegations this year have made my life a living hell”.

He tweeted: “I have therefore made the most difficult decision that I ever could make. I have decided that I will stand down as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Candidate for Aberdeen South.”

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The statement followed an allegation from Sweeney that the Aberdeen MP had groped him in Strangers’ Bar last October.

Thomson thanked family, friends and staff for their support, concluding that the “General Election campaign is hugely important for the future of Scotland, and indeed the very future of our Union”.

He added: “Therefore, I wish my successor candidate all the very best in their efforts to protect Scotland’s place in the UK and to sort Brexit.”

Thomson was removed from the same Westminster bar in February after allegedly groping other men, which prompted Glasgow North East MP Sweeney to come forward.

He said Thomson had “drunkenly” intruded on a conversation he was having with friends before pressing his hand down the front of his trousers. Sweeney said he “felt paralysed”.

He added: “It was just such a shocking thing. I was in a cold sweat, it was mortifying.

“Nobody knew where to look at the table. It’s embarrassing.

He continued: “In the back of my mind, I was thinking that if I just punched the guy, who knows where that could end up when there’s a bar full of journalists.

“I couldn’t fight, so I took flight.”

Sweeney said he then went to sit with other MPs, but Thomson followed him across the room and continued touching him before eventually leaving the bar.

Thomson has denied the allegation, as well as the others from February.

In his statement, he said the allegations printed in the Mail on Sunday were “false and defamatory”, and added: “This is a political smear and I will continue to fight to clear my name. I will see this investigatory process through to a conclusion.”

Stephen Flynn, SNP candidate for Aberdeen South said: “Aberdeen South deserves an MP that will champion the people of Aberdeen and stand up for Scotland’s right to choose its own future.

Ross Thomson did no such thing and repeatedly put his own interests and the interests of his party before his constituents – he acted as nothing more than a cheerleader for Brexit, Boris Johnson and his right-wing cronies, despite Aberdeen voting overwhelmingly to remain.

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“He made the right decision in standing down so that the people of Aberdeen South can take their future into their own hands.”

A Scottish Tory spokesperson said: “We await the outcome of the Parliamentary Standards Commission investigation.”