REGULAR readers will know that we like to feature occasional reports from the front line of the Yes movement, and today we feature the Scotland Moving Forward event at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh on Wednesday night.

It was pulled together by the indefatigable Mike Blackshaw of the Edinburgh Yes Hub, and we asked him to give us his account of what seems to have been an enjoyable evening,

He wrote: “Well I have to say, what a night, the speakers were outstanding and the music brilliant. We had over 350 people at the event, all leaving with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts which is what we intended and hoped for.

“The event was put on to take away the pressure of Brexit, and thanks to the vote in Westminster, it turned out to be a good start to an election campaign. I have to thank Lorna Slater of the Scottish Greens who was an excellent compere and speaker – she is so enthused that she will be an asset to the Green Movement.

“Colin Fox of the Scottish Socialist Party followed and he gave a rousing speech and made the comment he is not being asked to events to speak. That’s strange as he speaks well and is a strong independence campaigner.

The SNP’s Deputy Leader Keith Brown came on to large applause and delivered a speech of assurance to those who feel we are treading water. Next we had musical duo Johnston and Gordon, top artists who should go far.

“Lorna then gave a Green case for indy which was followed by a walk on from Janet Fenton of Scottish CND.

“After the interval the Wee Ginger Dug took the stage having brought Paul Kavanagh with him, but Paul was again, as always, a funny and committed supporter of Yes.

“Paul’s an excellent National columnist, as is my pal Lesley Riddoch whom I share with all the independent movement – brilliant and thought-provoking as ever.

“I have left Amanda Brown to last – what an artist, what a voice. She should be professional and I ask why she is not.”

Mike Blackshaw asked if we could mention a few important events coming up in the Edinburgh Yes Hub, and we’re happy to do so.

Friday November 8 at 7pm is EU Citizen for Indy. It’s a talk in two parts – how to assist in indyref2 and how the group assists EU Citizens.

Saturday November 9 at 12 noon – Planning for the Referendum, a workshop to gather views on how we will organise either as in groups or individually. It’s an informal event designed for views to be aired. Wednesday, November 13 at 7pm – how to organise a street stall. Sunday November 17 at 2pm – meeting to form a Catalan support group. to organise a letter to prisoners and families. Please book at