Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) is back from America, and joined by National journalist Stewart Ward for this week's Dugcast, with editor Callum Baird busy elsewhere.

December 12 is polling day for the Winter General Election. It's a mug's game to predict the outcome... but, embracing that title, we gave it a go.

The picture is at least somewhat clearer north of the Border. The SNP manifesto will be demanding indyref2020. Labour and the Tories meanwhile? We'll be asking what they're campaigning on.

The Brexit Party are also threatening to scupper the Tories. After a call from Donald Trump to Nigel Farage's radio show, Boris Johnson was issued with a threat. But will Farage follow through?

And, of course, it's The National's #indyref2020 Rally For Independence in George Square tomorrow. Paul will be one of the speakers, and it should be an incredible day.

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