CABINET Secretaries Michael Russell and Humza Yousaf are the latest speakers confirmed to be taking part in The National’s rally for independence tomorrow in George Square, Glasgow.

They will be joining an increasingly impressive line-up that at the moment consists of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon; National columnist Paul Kavanagh, aka the Wee Ginger Dug; the co-leader of the Scottish Greens, Patrick Harvie; Maggie Chapman, convener of the Scottish Independence Convention; Suzanne McLaughlin, board member of Women for Independence; Mhairi Black, the SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South; the comedian, playwright and author Janey Godley and Catalan and Scottish independence activist Valentina Servera Clavell.

The event is being supported by the Scottish Independence Foundation and is being organised by Sunday National editor Richard Walker. It is clear that thousands are going to attend the rally, so please look out for final details of the event including safety instructions in tomorrow’s National.

Russell, Constitutional Relations Secretary and Argyll and Bute MSP has had a unique insight into the Brexit chaos as Scotland’s minister dealing with the UK Government and Parliament over a Brexit that Scotland did not vote for.

He said: “There couldn’t be a better time to campaign for an independent Scotland in Europe, because it is crystal clear that the only way to get

done with Brexit is to chose independence. Nothing else will end the current nightmare.

“Independence will open up the road to a better future for all who live here , and who want to come and join us. That is the message I am

going to take the length and breadth of Scotland in the next few weeks starting in George Square on Saturday. Bring it on.”

Writing in The National today, Yousaf, the Justice Secretary and MSP for Glasgow Pollok since 2016, says: “The notion of the UK as a

partnership of equals has been shattered beyond repair by events since 2016.

The aftermath of the first independence referendum in 2014 saw much talk from unionists about a respect agenda. How hollow those words now ring.

“That is why this election is so important. Because the key question is this: Who governs Scotland – the people who live here, or an arrogant, out of touch Tory Government who will never put our national interests first? I’m proud to be attending tomorrow’s independence rally in Glasgow.”

It is the primary concern of all of us at The National and Sunday National that the event should pass off peacefully and that everyone taking part does so safely.

The National has received advice from Glasgow City Council for those attending the rally.

Any coaches should head to Cochrane Street but the preference for Saturday is to leave the car at home if possible and use public transport – Queen Street station, Buchanan Street subway and bus

stations are all nearby. All attendees are asked to be respectful of the Garden of Remembrance and the Cenotaph.

All final information will be in The National tomorrow.