ORGANISERS of Highland Pride have condemned a Scottish hotel chain's decision to open a Chick-fil-A in one of its resort food courts.

The US chicken shop chain, whose controversial business history includes funnelling millions of dollars to anti-LGBT organisations, opened the doors of a new restaurant in the MacDonald Aviemore Resort around three weeks ago.

In a letter sent to MacDonald Hotels, Highland LGBT Forum committee member Sand highlighted the US organisation's "atrocious anti-LGBTQ track record" and asked that the Scottish hotel chain "do not support people who fund groups who are opposed to LGBTQ equality".

They wrote: "On 21st July around 10 thousand people supported one of the biggest pride events in Scotland this year.

"After this incredible display of support towards the Highlands LGBTQ community, we are very disappointed to hear that you have opened a branch of Chick-fil-A at your Macdonald Aviemore resort, shortly after it was announced their only other UK restaurant in Reading would close.

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"We are enquiring as to whether you knew about Chick-fil-A's anti-LGBTQ stance before you agreed to lease to them, and if you are aware of the Oracle's shopping centre's decision not to renew Chick-fil-A's 6 month lease following protests by Reading Pride.

"Chick-fil-A has an atrocious anti-LGBTQ track record.  The chain, which has been prohibited from opening several sites in America, has a long history of supporting anti-LGBTQ causes.

"Their controversial  business history includes funnelling millions of dollars towards anti-LGBTQ organisations that have opposed equal marriage and other rights for LGBTQ people.  Their current CEO and son of the founder does not support LGBTQ rights.

"Many people have raised their concerns with us about this. We've also been approached about supporting protests outside the resort, and there is an online petition against the opening of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Scotland.

"Scotland is a progressive, welcoming and inclusive country, and businesses in the Highlands should be too.

"We ask that you do not support people who fund groups who are opposed to LGBTQ equality."

Earlier this week, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, Patrick Harvie, also called for MSPs to cut ties with the hotel chain until they end their relationship with Chick-fil-A.

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He said: “MSPs as well as visiting delegations from other countries often use their hotel on Holyrood Road, and many organisations hold briefing events there when the space inside Parliament is full. So we have a special responsibility to challenge them to drop their association with this toxic US company which funds campaigns to undermine LGBT+ people’s safety and human rights.

“I cancelled the reservations I had there as soon as I heard about this partnership. I’d urge my colleagues to do the same, until Macdonald end their commercial relationship with these sponsors of prejudice and hatred.”

A spokesperson for Macdonald Aviemore Resort said: “Chick-fil-A is an enormously successful business, with over 2300 restaurants in the US, and we are pleased to have them invest in the Aviemore economy, where the restaurant is proving extremely popular.

“It’s vital to underline that, in both our recruitment and our customer care, we treat everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender.”

The location in the four-star retreat in Cairngorms National Park is the second Chick-fil-A to open in the UK.

The first, which opened earlier in Reading this month, faced an immediate backlash which resulted in the store’s licence not being extended beyond its first six months.

Chick-fil-A have been approached for comment.