More speakers have been announced for The National’s rally for independence in George Square, Glasgow, on Saturday.

The co-leader of the Scottish Greens, Patrick Harvie, and Maggie Chapman, convener of the Scottish Independence Convention, will be joining an impressive line-up that includes First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and National columnist Paul Kavanagh, aka the Wee Ginger Dug.

The event is being supported by the Scottish Independence Foundation and is being organised by Sunday National editor Richard Walker.

Harvie said: “There is new momentum for independence, and I have said before I think it is inevitable now that Scotland will become an independent European country. The only question now is about timing. If we are to win a second referendum it is vital that the Yes campaign remains a cross-party movement, brimming with ideas and vision for building a new future. It can’t be reduced to a flag or one slogan, it must be a positive discussion about how we can live in a fairer, more equal, sustainable country.

“In the face of the utter chaos and breakdown of democracy at Westminster, it is these positive discussions that will win over those who are yet to decide about independence, and I can’t wait for the Scottish Greens to be part of that.”

Cabinet Secretary Michael Russell said the Scottish people have been treated with “contempt” over Brexit by the UK Government in the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

His comments came as the Scottish Government published a report analysing the impact of the new Brexit deal on Scotland.

The report found GDP would drop by 6.1% by 2030, and Scotland would be put at a competitive disadvantage with Northern Ireland.

He said: “The paper we have published today sets out the scale of the damage the Tories – here and at Westminster – want to inflict on Scotland. It demonstrates that the Tories – here and at Westminster – have nothing but contempt for the Scottish Parliament, Government and people.”

He also made a pitch to voters in Scotland, ahead of the snap General Election on December 12.

“The Tories – here and at Westminster – are hell-bent on imposing on Scotland a so-called deal that will leave Scotland poorer, distant from our friends in Europe, vulnerable to trade bullying from Donald Trump, with workers’ rights and protections under threat and our environment trashed.

“We should never accept that and we will never accept that. The people of Scotland have the right to determine their own future, free from the Brexit chaos we see at Westminster every day.

“It is time that the people of Scotland were given the chance to say so, and first of all they will be given the chance in a General Election on December 12.”

Chapman commented: “It’s time for the independence movement – our movement – to come together and make the case for a new, better country. No one could have predicted all that’s happened since the No vote in 2014. It is clear that, far from being strong and stable, the British state is a rolling omnishambles heading rapidly down a hill. We don’t want to be there when it goes off the edge of the cliff. So we must make a positive case for a better Scotland, by getting out on to the streets, into our communities, places of work and education, and talk to people where they are, creating the space for conversations that build hope and confidence in a Scotland for Everyone.

“Saturday’s rally marks the start of the next phase of our campaign. And the Scottish Independence Convention and our Voices for Scotland campaign are excited about working together with you all. I look forward to seeing you there.”

The National has received advice from Glasgow City Council for those attending the rally. Any coaches should head to Cochrane Street but the preference for Saturday is to leave the car at home if possible and use public transport – Queen Street station, Buchanan Street subway and bus stations and many bus routes are all nearby. All attendees are asked to be respectful of the Garden of Remembrance and the Cenotaph.

If you are coming it would help The National to know. Please go to the event Facebook page and click on going.