MORE details have been released about the first All Under One Banner (AUOB) National Assembly, which will take place at Adelaide Place Baptist Church, Bath Street, Glasgow on Saturday November 16 from 12.30pm to 5.30pm.

The AUOB National Assembly was officially launched in The National on Monday, and the group responsible for organising marches and rallies for independence across Scotland will be sending out invitations to active Yes groups asking them to send representatives to attend.

AUOB founder Neil Mackay told The National: “The AUOB National Assembly will begin with some key presentations and a question-and-answer session to introduce the Assembly agenda.

“Then we shall split off into seven organising groups respective to the seven AUOB 2020 marches.

Each group will be chaired by a facilitator and representatives will brainstorm and strategise as to how we can make each event the best it can be.

“Minutes will be taken at each table and this information will be reviewed before the second AUOB National Assembly at the start of next year, when we will come back with full feedback on all proposals.”

Mackay revealed that AUOB will be moving the Assembly to elect three nominated representatives from each group, creating a 21-member YesRep committee that will oversee seven regional AUOB groups. These groups will meet regularly to put the agreements made at the Assembly into action.