MPs have voted in favour of a proposal which makes it easier for them to put forward amendments on the Government's bill for an early General Election.

They supported Labour MP Stella Creasy's amendment to the business of the House motion by 312 votes to 295, majority 17.

Explaining her amendment, Creasy said: "It doesn't amend the bill itself, it doesn't encourage any particular selection to be made, it simply puts back the concept of fair play in this House by restoring our standing orders as they would be for any other piece of legislation."

Amendments to the bill could allow for alternate election dates between December 9 and 12.

Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour will support an early election now that his condition of taking a No-Deal Brexit off the table had "now been met”.

The Tory government has reportedly threatened to pull the General Election Bill entirely if Labour moves to force an amendment to enfranchise 3.4 million EU citizens.

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The SNP's shadow leader of the House Pete Wishart has said the party will push for a poll on December 12, the date stated on the bill.

He said: "Now the date on this Bill is December 12, and we all know that a poll in December is less than ideal.

"But it is worth that risk in order that we remove this Prime Minister. But calling an election by driving through a bill in just one day is also less than ideal.

"Six hours to consider all of these details, and using a programme motion to clamp down on any kind of amendments is absolutely objectionable – that is why we will be supporting the lady from Walthamstow (Stella Creasy) with her amendment today."

He continued: "We will not vote for the Tories on this programme motion, but we will back the General Election that this country definitely needs to break the Brexit deadlock and make Scotland's voice heard loud and clear."