The National:

THE Conservatives seem to have real issues when it comes to campaign material.

How difficult can it be to design and print a few thousand flyers, without angering those featured on it and without getting anything seriously wrong?

Well, as any episode of The Apprentice will tell you, put a bunch of arrogant, self-centred capitalists in charge and even the simplest of tasks can turn into disaster.

It was only yesterday when The National exclusively revealed that Tory MP Stephen Kerr was forced to pulp campaign leaflets for his Stirling constituency, after a row with a woman’s aid charity.

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In a move that is definitely nothing to do with the SNP lining up one of their big guns in a marginal seat, Kerr's team sent out campaign leaflets before a date for an election has been set.

But they were was asked to “withdraw all relevant material from circulation and acknowledge they have done so in writing” after Shakti Women’s Aid said a quote was used without their consent.

And earlier in the year, before she stepped down as leader, Ruth Davidson sent out leaflets to multiple areas of Scotland on which she shamelessly rebranded her party “RUTH DAVIDSON’S SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES”.

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Or at least we thought she’d stepped down … we should have learned by now not to trust much of anything flip-flopping Ruth says.

Not content with stealing all the attention by taking on a lobbying job while sitting as an MSP, then being forced into a U-turn within days, someone out there is determined to let everyone know that Ruth Davidson is still top dog in RUTH DAVIDSON’S SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES.

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Either that or, even after her recent embarrassing U-turn, there is no-one else in the rabble of Scottish Tory representatives worthy of fronting the General Election campaign.

The SNP’s Joan McAlpine of all people posted on Twitter a letter she received from Ruth Davidson herself, requesting the MSP’s vote at the upcoming General Election.

But who else would you expect to be the face of RUTH DAVIDSON'S SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES – even after she may or may not have stepped down as leader.

In typical Tory form, the letter mentions the likes of health, climate change, education and industry a grand total of zero times – it also fails to acknowledge the Tory Brexit we’re bring forced into – yet mentions the words “independence” and “referendum” on five occasions, Nicola Sturgeon three times and the SNP 10 – yes, TEN – times.

This is not the behaviour of a party on the front foot going into an election campaign...