REGARDING the descent into chaos in Catalonia and seeing connection with our cause for independence in Scotland , it occurs that the word EUR-OPE derives from the Ancient Greek and is an epithet meaning WIDE EYED.

Maybe all of us in EUROPE should be looking at SPAIN with European eyes – which means we should not be turning BLIND EYES to STATE violence but looking with EYES WIDE OPEN.

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IS it not a ghastly spectacle to see police in the pay of the government of Spain smiting down Catalonian independence protesters with almost religious fervour.

Spanish governments past and present seem to have had a predilection for state violence, persecuting people and meting out stiff biblical punishments to all – especially if they happen to come from Barcelona. It’s a continuing national sport. Incidentally, has the Spanish government to date banned the bloody gore of bull fighting or is it still in fashion? Maybe citizen bashing is a substitute for the traditional blood sport?

Along with the warm blows meted out to their citizens the big, powerful state police, the BIFFOS, make a big deal about wresting from protesters’ possession yellow flags – symbols of freedom. Stealing flags from haversacks should surely be classed as theft? A yellow piece of material. A bit of cloth can be so threatening to the state! Just like their stamping and snorting bulls the Spanish police are paid to see red as soon as they see a yellow flag.

We in Scotland don’t yet have any beauties like the state BIFFOS, but give Boris time. He could be working on it. It could happen. Visualise this scenario, not in Barcelona, but in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon, having had to call an “illegal referendum” because a legal one was NEVER allowed, was now languishing 13 years in jail... and many of your neighbours were protesting, and being maimed for life by the Polis.

Would you then say, if you were a Unionist, good riddance to bad rubbish, serves them all jolly well right, yon wee Nicola had it comin’ tae her? Or how incandescent would you be at an English government if it were knocking about your mother or your sister, your daughter or son? Would you be all right with that? But that’s what’s happening in Catalunya. And the situation is ignored by the European Union.

The Spanish “male” polis seem to relish the use of violence – and show an absence of and absolute contempt for chivalry. I viewed on a clip a young woman, a Catalunyan Joveneta, doing absolutely nothing untoward, yet thrown to the hard pavement in a policeman’s show of heroic strength, receiving a blow that might well have broken the spine of a lesser older individual such as me. Feistily Joveneta picks herself up, doesn’t even dust herself off, and throws herself recharged on her “police” assailants ... you can just feel them recoil in collective male surprise. What bravery or madness even to think she can retaliate and pit her strength against a gang of violent armed men trained up to protect the state!

But then the young lady showing unquashable spirit knows she has right and moral justice on her side which gives her the impetus to rise up from being floored (which is not what I would have done. I know yours truly would have lain there groaning and suffering and waiting to be stretchered off).

No, SHE’S not going to lie down and take it. Up she gets, and at them! The police try to break her spirit by breaking her spine – but they only serve to strengthen it.

The Catalunyan Joveneta embodies the healthy young soul of an oppressed Catalonia whose politicians have lately been jailed for up to 13 years apiece, or like Professor Clara Ponsati driven into exile. These St Andrews University academics can be downright dangerous!

It is inconceivable that we are viewing the bad actions of a country embedded in the wonderful Union of Europe – the original notion behind the union was PEACE, was it not? Perhaps Spain ought to be cut out of Europe.

Visca Catalunya! Pais Valent!
Iris Jarrett Wormit
Newport-On-Tay, Fife