THE Westminster leaders of the SNP and LibDems have written to Donald Tusk urging the EU to grant an extension to Brexit which would rule out a No-Deal and enable an early General Election on “parliament’s terms”.

The joint letter from Ian Blackford and Jo Swinson to the European Council president urges the deadline for leaving the EU to be extended to the end of January 2020 – with no option to leave before that point.

It says this will allow an election to take place in order to break the parliamentary “impasse” – but also ensure a No-Deal Brexit could not take place.

The SNP and the LibDems have ruled out supporting Johnson’s motion due to be tabled tomorrow asking for an early General Election on December 12.

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The letter states: “The Prime Minister’s proposal of an election – only once the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill has been passed by Parliament and after the UK’s departure from the EU – is not acceptable to us.”

Instead, both parties plan to work together to secure an election once the extension is in place, including bringing forward a bill with a December 9 date for going to the polls, or a no-confidence motion if that fails.

Blackford told the Sunday National: “What [Johnson] is trying to do is squeeze through his deal in the next couple of weeks, so that we end up in transition, we are out of Europe and then he has an election. That is simply not acceptable.

“If the Prime Minister’s so-called deal goes through, it means we are in transition until the end of 2020 – but the risk of falling out on a No-Deal basis at the end of that is enormous, because it is implicit on him getting a free-trade agreement with Europe over that period.

“I don’t think many people think that is a sensible time frame to be able to put in place a free-trade agreement, so there is enormous risk of No-Deal if anyone is duped enough to take the Prime Minister’s word for it. Opposition parties will not be bullied by a Prime Minister who has shown utter contempt for Parliament, and who has attempted to railroad through his damaging deal without a shred of scrutiny or due process.

“On top of that, he is now asking Parliament to back an election without knowing the terms of an extension to the Article 50 process.

“For these reasons we will not support his election motion.”

A final decision on whether the EU will opt for an extension until January or a shorter November delay – thought to be favoured by French president Emmanuel Macron – is not expected until tomorrow or Tuesday.

The letter from Blackford and Swinson states: “With an extension secured to at least January 31 – or later – we, the opposition, can work together to facilitate an election giving people the chance to decide what the UK’s next steps should be.

“We believe this is the only way to unlock what has become a deadlocked parliament and to enable the UK and the EU to move forward – whatever form that takes.”

Blackford said they were seeking an election as early as possible, but December 9 would be the earliest date possible to allow for a bill to go through all the stages in Parliament.

Last week Jeremy Corbyn said he would support a General Election if No-Deal was “taken off the table”.

Blackford added: “I would appeal to all opposition parties and those that see the threat of Boris Johnson’s deal – and the threat of a No-Deal Brexit – to support us to make sure we get that General Election and make sure we defeat the Tories.”