THE Scottish Independence Movement is to hold its first march in Glasgow next Saturday, November 2, with organisers hoping that up to 1000 people might attend.

Set up by Manny Singh and other former All Under One Banner (AUOB) members plus new recruits, the Scottish Independence Movement (SIM) describes itself as “a group of individuals from varying backgrounds with one goal in mind – a free and independent Scotland”.

Singh is facing his first court appearance on November 7 over charges relating to the Glasgow AUOB march last May for which he was the named organiser and which allegedly did not comply with its licence. Singh intends to plead not guilty to all charges.

Next Saturday’s event will start at Kelvin Way at 11.30am, moved from 1.30pm, and is focused on protesting Scotland being dragged out of the EU by Brexit. The march is being organised entirely separately from The National’s own rally for independence, which will take place in George Square from 1:30pm on Saturday.

Alastair Gordon Rennie of SIM told The National: “According to the “United” Kingdom in Westminster, if you live in Scotland it makes no difference what you think or have voted for.

“Whether you voted to leave or remain, your continuous tick in that box doesn’t matter or count.

“Despite Scotland being a “partner” in the United Kingdom, all Scots have been completely ignored, if not actually shut out, of all negotiations. All Scottish views, input and plans rejected.

“In fact, Westminster publicly disclosed that they did not even bother to read the proposals placed forward by our Scottish Government. Does that sound like an equal partner of a Union?”

He said that Scotland’s views could only be heard if it were to become a self- governing nation, independent from the UK.

“This would allow us to decide, as a nation, whether to be part of the European Union or what level of involvement we choose to have with the EU. We would be able to examine, analyse and foresee what is best suited for our nation as a stand-alone country.

“We must “Exit Brexit” or be dragged headlong into whatever is decided for us in a parliament where our voice is no longer listened to – a parliament where one country within the union will always have a higher population vote and, therefore, continuously a majority over the other the countries combined – a parliament where only the voters of one country count.

“Scotland – you, me and all of Jock Tamson’s bairns can make our decisions count.

“Join us in having our voices heard. On November 2, 2019 in Glasgow when we march to make Scotland’s voice heard.”