The National:

THE Tory government is all about respect.

Respect the result of the Brexit referendum? Yes.

Respect the integrity of the Union? Absolutely.

Respect the will of the Scottish Parliament? Not so fast… Scottish Secretary Alister Jack was probed on the latter issue after the Prime Minister said the Scottish Parliament would have “no role” in approving the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) – even though the Bill itself says that it will legislate in 17 devolved areas.

Ministers in Edinburgh have urged MSPs to withhold consent.

But Boris Johnson insisted that the Scottish Parliament has “no role” in approving the WAB.

Scottish politicians pointed out that ignoring Holyrood would contradict the Sewel Convention and Better Together promises of a “Union of equals”.

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Fear not, however. It turns out the Scottish Parliament has not been ignored at all, according to Jack.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, he insisted: “Well Holyrood wasn’t ignored … Holyrood has been asked [for consent]. If they decide not to give consent, that’s something we understand and respect because their position is that they don’t support Brexit.”

So far so good.

He added: “But it doesn’t mean that we stop going forward and getting [sic] a deal with the EU because European law and British law says that Article 50 has been triggered.”

To recap: the Tory government absolutely respects the Scottish Parliament, just not sufficiently to even acknowledge it withholding consent on legislation which could see the Scottish people dragged out of the EU against their will.

We’ll just leave this here … Ignore: refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.

The Scottish Secretary continued with a sentence we’re sure made sense in his head: “And Article 50 currently legal position leads the UK leaving the EU.”

He added: “We would like the UK to leave the EU with a deal and the only way for us to do that is for people to vote for this deal.”

If that line sounds familiar it may be because Theresa May parroted the same one for months. The fact that it is being repeated in relation to a different deal somewhat undermines the assertion that this is the ONLY way to avoid No Deal.

The interview represented yet another shameless intervention from a Tory minister.

For politicians so concerned with respect, there seems to be a distinct lack of it reserved for themselves.