The National:

DESPITE the best efforts of a notable campaign group, Labour are heading towards an anticipated General Election with a distinct lack of momentum.

According to the latest YouGov poll, the party is trailing the most incompetent Tory government since the last one by a margin of 15 points.

Fortunately, shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon was summoned to inject a bit of life into the prospective Labour election campaign.

Speaking to Sky’s Kay Burley, he “exclusively revealed” his party would win the next election.

The basis of his confidence? Their glorious victory in the 2017 General Election of course – when Corbyn’s party won 55 seats fewer than the Tories.

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It was put to Burgon that his party was behind in the polls.

“The polls said we wouldn’t win last time,” he confidently stated.

And then came the devastating reply from Burley: “You didn’t.”


Turns out if you want to brag about your election success, it helps to win elections.