NICOLA Sturgeon and Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford have written to Boris Johnson demanding more time to scrutinise his Brexit deal.

The two leaders have also sent a joint letter making the same request to European Council President, Donald Tusk, saying that the deal requires the consent of both the Scottish Parliament and the Senedd.

They also urge the two men to agree an extension to the Article 50 process for sufficient time for both legislatures to carry out their “proper constitutional and democratic functions”.

The SNP and Welsh Labour chiefs also call for an extension long enough for a so-called People’s Vote.

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In their letter to the Prime Minister, they write: “This Bill will be among the most important pieces of legislation ever considered by the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales, with far-reaching implications for the whole of the United Kingdom and our future well-being.

“Both our governments believe the deal you have negotiated with the EU will be even more damaging to Wales, Scotland and the United Kingdom than the previous unacceptable agreement made by your predecessor.

“It is essential that your government respects devolution, the legislative consent process and any decisions on consent that the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly may reach.” Johnson is to push for a meaningful vote on his deal in the Commons later today - thought it is still not clear whether Speaker John Bercow will allow it.

Following Saturday's special sitting, Boris Johnson was forced to send a letter asking the EU for an extension to the Brexit date.

The Scottish Government has asked for recall of Holyrood this Thursday “to consider and agree a position on the latest developments”.