More than three-quarters of Tory leave voters would sacrifice Scotland’s place in the union if it meant Brexit could happen, a new poll has revealed.

The survey, carried out for Lord Ashcroft, found that 76% of Tory leave voters, 48% of Labour leave voters and 36% of all voters in England, prioritised Brexit over Scotland remaining in the UK.

The poll also revealed that 74% of Tory leave voters in England would choose leaving the EU over Northern Ireland remaining part of the UK.

Overall, 51% of English, said they wouldn’t mind either way if Scotland voted for independence, and just 39% said they’d be sorry to see us leave.

The poll found 43% of voters believe Brexit makes Scottish independence more likely, with 23% saying it makes no difference.

Meanwhile, more than half of Tory voters, 54%, said they believed England subsidised Scotland and they were unhappy about it, though 24% agreed England subsidized spending in Scotland but said they were happy with it.

The polling was conducted in October, based on a sample of 1,558 adults in England.