NICOLA Sturgeon has the highest approval rating of political leaders in the UK among Scots, according to an opinion poll published yesterday.

A total of 43% of voters in Scotland say she is doing a good job as First Minister, while 38% believe she is doing a bad job, giving the SNP leader an approval rating of +5.

Her positive approval rating compared to a significant negative one for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has a rating of -42 among voters in Scotland. His performance is considered good by 16% and poor by 58%.

Boris Johnson’s approval rating among voters in Scotland was -36, below that of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who fared slightly better on -30.

LibDem leader Jo Swinson had a rating of -12, making her the second most popular behind Sturgeon.

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The survey also analysed Brexit sentiment. Support for a second EU referendum was high, with 46% backing one compared to 26% who wanted a General Election and 27% who said they did not know. The Panelbase survey of 1003 adults residents in Scotland was carried out on October 9-11 for the Sunday Times.

As the parliamentary deadlock continues, less than half of Scots voters (46%) think the UK will leave the EU soon, while 25% think it will not and 29% say they are unsure.

Scots are opposed to Brexit by a margin of exactly two to one – 67% to 33%. However, among those who voted to leave in the 2016 Brexit referendum, 80% favour a rapid withdrawal from the EU this month – regardless of whether a Brexit deal is agreed – rather than wait any longer.

As a way out of the current crisis, the idea of Corbyn becoming temporary prime minister – as the SNP has suggested could happen – is supported by 37% of voters in Scotland. And the Labour leader tops the poll when Scot are asked to pick their ideal temporary prime minister, with 21%. He is followed by former Tory chancellor Ken Clarke on 10%, former prime minister Tony Blair and LibDem leader Swinson, both on six points, then Labour’s Keir Starmer and Hilary Benn, each on four.

Former Conservative minister Amber Rudd scores 1%, while former Labour deputy leader Margaret Beckett, who has been suggested as a caretaker prime minister by some rebels in Westminster, scored less than that.

Commenting on the poll, Martin Whitfield, Scottish Labour MP for East Lothian and pro-EU campaigner, said: “The best way out of this constitutional crisis is to give the people of the UK a final say on Brexit. After months of parliamentary deadlock, it’s time for the people to decide.

“In the week ahead there will be a cross-party attempt to secure an amendment for a final say on Brexit, and the SNP must urgently reflect on the support across Scotland for this and get fully behind the drive to let people take back control. Once we have secured a confirmatory referendum, Scottish Labour will campaign tirelessly to keep the best deal we already have as a member of the EU.”