These are busy days for the people who make up one of the busiest Yes groups in the country, namely Inveryess.

Not only did they turn the bridges of the capital of the Highlands into a sea of banners and Saltires yesterday – check out their pictures on their Facebook page – but they have a big week ahead.

Today at 1pm in the Spectrum Centre and Hidden Gem cafe, Inveryess are delighted to have Common Weal’s Craig Dalzell travel to the Highlands to talk about two of the organisation’s recent policy papers.

The first is A Green New Deal for Scotland. Inveryess told us: “Common Weal is in the final stages of completing a large-scale, fully costed plan to radically transform our economy and tackle the multiple crises we are facing including Scotland’s contribution to the climate crisis.

“The plan suggests ways to reduce our carbon emissions, minimise species extinction and improve biodiversity. It also looks at ways to tackle economic inequality and poverty, pollution and water shortage, over-consumption and resource drain, whilst rapidly reducing the waste we produce.”

A second paper, An Investment Led Economic Development Framework for an Independent Scotland, will also be discussed.

And just to prove it’s not all serious politics they discuss, Inveryess are also hosting a Quiz Night next Friday, October 25, in the Mayflower Lounge at 7pm.

They told us: “All are welcome to come along and join in the fun. Four per team, and to enter into the spirit of the evening, give your team a suitably fun name.”