THE SNP has hit out at Tory MP Damian Green for comparing Scotland's post-Brexit situation to Kent. 

Green, who voted to remain in the EU, was speaking to LBC presenter Eddie Mair about Boris Johnson's Brexit deal that MPs will vote on on Saturday.

Asked why Scotland doesn't have its own deal like Northern Ireland, Green said: "Well you can wonder that about Kent – the part that I represent."

Mair interjected to point out that Kent isn't a country. Green responded: "We are a united kingdom."

Pressed again on why Northern Ireland has its own deal and Scotland doesn't, Green said: "Well there's a special history there."

Mair pointed out that Scotland has a "special history" as well and Green again compared the country to Kent, saying it "has a special history too".

Mair told Green not to compare Kent to a country again.

More than 970,000 people in Kent cast a vote in the EU referendum, with 59% voting to leave and 41% to remain.

In comparison, Scotland voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38% – with all 32 council areas backing Remain.

Green added: "I think the serious point that in recent times, in most of our living memories, there has been serious terrorist violence in Northern Ireland and we have a specific form of democracy there designed to represent the historic fact that there are two communities that have found it difficult to live together at times in the past and surely one thing that everyone around the world wants is for Northern Ireland to continue to be a peaceful normal society and not do anything that will put that at risk."

SNP MSP and Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse criticised Green's comments, saying "Scotland is a proud country and will soon be a nation again".

Michael Russell, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, echoed Mair's point that Scotland is a country while Kent is a county.

He said: "Kent doesn’t have a Treaty of Union, devolution settlement , a Parliament, a Government , isn’t a member of the Joint Ministerial Committee (which Damien Green used to chair) , isn’t in the British / Irish Council , doesn’t have a “national’ gallery , orchestra (and so on..)"