The National:

THE Prime Minister's revised withdrawal agreement manages to mention various kinds of bird diseases, Norway and bananas ... but not Scotland

Just as in the original withdrawal agreement, drawn up by Theresa May, Scotland doesn't get name-checked. 

Northern Ireland is mentioned 111 times.

The Island of Ireland is mentioned five times.

Ireland is mentioned 21 times. 

Obviously, a large focus of the revised agreement is the Irish border issue. Which the withdrawal agreement argues it has dealt with, giving Northern Ireland special arrangements and a chance to vote on that relationship with the EU every four years. As Michael Gove put it earlier, the "future of Northern Ireland is now decided by the people of Northern Ireland". Which suits them, since the people of Northern Ireland - like Scotland - voted to Remain in the EU. 

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England voted Leave. Wales voted Leave. So now Scotland is left as the only UK nation not having a say on what kind of relationship we want with the EU.

And we're not mentioned once. 

If anything proves that Scotland is just an afterthought, it's this. 

Equal partners? I don't think so.