YES, it’s probably the most sensible decision that we could ever make: combining hydro and wind/wave/solar renewables (Letters, October 16). But the point that most people miss is that we could make the quantum leap to the next stage.

Use the overcapacity of wind-generated power to create hydrogen to fuel ALL our vehicles. Then we have clean power in all senses and hydrogen will never ever run out – it’s there for all time with no pollutants.

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No need for ultra-expensive power distribution networks to be upgraded for rechargeable batteries with all the associated toxic end-of-life by-products and limited range.

Let’s make it a government policy to go to hydrogen.

During Nicola’s speech on Tuesday she even commented on the venue’s green credentials – saying the place was hydrogen-powered.

Just think, no more Scottish-generated nuclear waste to contaminate the planet from now onwards. That’s what I call a responsible decision.

Dougie Gray