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WE'VE all heard the comparisons between Brexit and Donald Trump – but new statements from Nigel Farage's party have just taken those to a whole new level. 

Over the week, PA journalist Tom Eden has received press releases from the Brexit Party which, armed with poor grammar and inappropriate formatting, inexplicably take aim at the SNP

In the statements, which seem to be styled based on the US presidents' Twitter rampages, a party spokesman suggests the SNP is using "code" to suggest they want to rejoin the EU as an independent nation – what a shocker for a party with a "Stop Brexit" campaign slogan. He adds that it is the SNP, not "being British" which is Scotland's "problem". In another, the spokesman suggests the SNP want to introduce "nightime curfews".

The first statement, sent yesterday, reads: "Why do the SNP constantly tell us that BREXIT will be catastrophic?

"The UK is richer, stronger and bigger than what an independent Scotland would be. 

"The SNP want to join the top tier of independent nations, perhaps code, for EU membership!

"The SNP do not want Independence, they want an EU Commissioner!"

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[In that sentence the word "commissioner" is inexplicably in a completely different font to the rest of the statement.]

The message then ends abruptly. 

Eden commented on the email he had received, posting: "I'm not really sure where to start with this Brexit Party press release about the @SNP..."

Today a follow-up statement was sent out which is arguably even more Trumpian than the first.

"Sturgeon wants Indyref2 next year," it begins.

"Maybe, the SNP should focus on running Scotland, rather than distracting people from their complete failure to Govern effectively.

"Being British is not Scotlands problem, the SNP on the other hand, is Scotlands enemy. 

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"The Brexit Party, is the REAL PARTY OF INDEPENDENCE, free from Brussels, free to forge a New Global Future.

"I think Scotland would like to be apart of that future!"

It might be a spelling error, but we do agree that Scots would like to be "apart" from that future. That's why they voted by 62% to Remain in the EU and continually vote overwhelmingly for the SNP. 

Saving the best for last, of course, the final press release reads more like the unhinged Facebook rantings of a distant uncle than a statement from a "serious" political party.

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It says: "More people voted for BREXIT than voted for the SNP!

"More people voted NO than voted for the SNP!

"The SNP seem to have a problem accepting democratic decisions and are now trying to use Democracy against Democracy!

"Imagine Scotland, not independent, but an EU state!  

"With a Government that constantly disrespects the will of the people, charges people to drive to work and bans them from diciplining their children! 

"What next, nightime curfews?"

A disclaimer at the end of the email reads: "Any views or opinions expressed in it are those of its author and do not necessarily represent those of the Brexit Party."